About Us

Central Coast Canines is a group of dog sport enthusiast on California’s central coast. We believe in a balanced form of dog training and most of us attend regular classes and private instruction though DogWorks. Our goals are to have fun with our dogs and give them the mental stimulation they need though training. Most dog breeds owned today as pets can trace their lines back to working dogs. Much of the trouble that today dogs find themselves in can be avoided by giving the dog  a job. Today’s dogs might not be out hunting for hours, pulling sleds in Alaska, patrolling the barn all day, or working as a police K9. Instead they come to a NoseWork, Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, or Rally- O class to use their brain and drain that extra energy.

Practice makes perfect! We get together as often as we can to work our dogs. Since everyone is on the same page with training methods each person can help with distraction work or answer questions. Some dogs might be getting ready for competition while others owners just want wonderfully behaved dogs in public.

Many of us like to put our training to the test and we enter sport trials. These are fun events that test the skills we have mastered in training. It is our goal to bring more trials to the central coast. We are a Approved Barn Hunt Cub and are working on getting Approved to Host UKC events also.


Active Members List:

President and Treasurer: Ericka Duggan – Cisco, Bubbles, Rave, Kona, Dash, Everything!

Brigitte Elke – Wiley & Lea – Nosework, Rally- O, Barn Hunt

Tracey Rinaldi – Eddy, Boomer – Nosework, Rally-O, Dock Diving, Hunting

Katy Olsen – Akasha & Kyra – Nosework

Janis Grieb – Tess – Nosework

Amy Phelan – Nosework, Rally-O, Therapy Dog

Janice Elliott – Nosework Rally-O

David and Lisa Bodney – Bob – Nosework, Hunting

Margerie McNeill – Nosework

Denise Marie – Nosework

Dominique Naylon – Lulu & Owen – Everything!